Hope Fulfilled: Our Journey to Marriage is the simple yet beautifully told faith story of Enoch and Sarah. Their honesty and disclosure about being promised by God to be married, and then waiting years for it to come to pass, will find an echo with many. Yet, when God moved, things happened at dizzying speed. Within two years, they went from being single to a family of four! The book is transparent, heartfelt, practical and encouraging. If you are waiting, or know someone who is, do yourself a favour and read Hope Fulfilled.”

Rev. Kameel MAJDALI,
PhD, Director, Teach All Nations


“I am very happy to endorse the message of this book and the wonderful testimonies of Enoch and Sarah on obedience and waiting to hear from God, despite setbacks and disappointments, as they searched for God’s will for their marriage partner. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is looking for godly guidelines on how to know if it is God’s will to marry, how to find the right partner and how to face pressures and tests during marriage.”

Alex Genovese
Director, Derek Prince Ministries-Australia


“Many of us make our decisions, formulate our plans, and then ask God for His blessing. This young couple, Enoch and Sarah, have instead determined to seek the perfect will of God for their lives and consequently, as you will see, He directs their paths (according to Prov. 3:5-6). I commend this spiritual saga, but suggest you read it prayerfully, expectantly, for what He has done for others, He can also do for you!”

Ps Tony Hallo


Hope Fulfilled: Our Journey to Marriage may bring you to tears as it did for me. It is a touching story of a young man and woman who went through heartache, disappointment and setbacks but held onto God’s promise that He would bring them the right marriage partner. The advice they give of holding onto God’s promises, though unfulfilled for many years, makes it a book you need to read.”

Barbara Miller
Pastor and Author,
Centre for International Reconciliation and Peace


“Hope Fulfilled: Our Journey to Marriage contains the
meaningful and moving testimony of the journey of Enoch and Sara Lavender toward achieving a happy Christian marriage. The honest depictions of the challenges, struggles and disappointments they faced, as God prepared them for life together, will inspire others. Enoch and Sarah’s experience demonstrates clearly the uniqueness of each marriage journey when God is honoured. His careful, loving guidance shines through these pages that, hopefully, will encourage others to discover their God-given life companion. Their insights are relevant; their experiences often poignant; their lessons timely.”

Ps Chris & Ps Erica Grace

Foundations for the Family Ministry